ION provides hi-quality services in digital advertising and marketing. Welcome to a new way of communication.

Online Design

Working together has no borders. In terms of design, we create and project visual messages that are motivating while also considering the diverse communication needs of the client.

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Responsive Web Sites

You're in control of your website. We design web portals, news blogs, bank imaging and virtual stores, based on the concept "do not make me think".

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Alternative Advertising

Digital Advertising. We specialize in alternative advertising. Besides its lower price, it allows us to use high doses of creativity.

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Media Marketing

99% of companies that have Social Networks as a marketing tool do not know how to empower it. At ION we can help you make the best use of popular Socials Networks.

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Printing & Lettering

Offset printing, laser and quality big banners. Brochures, pamphlets and leaflets, flyers, business cards, "packaging", CD cases and CD thermal printing.

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Phothograpy & Video

The purpose of providing this service is to develop creative, stimulating, and dynamic photographs and spots for TV , corporate videos, jingles and radio spots.

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Audiovisual communicators, creative and talented designers, passionate web developers and helpful support staff.

Mario Mosquera

"Mario is a web marketing specialist and team leader whose main job is to channel the ideas of all projects related to advertising." Contact Us

Juan Echeverría

Production Director
"He is a designer and developer of all kinds of solutions on media, environmental, interior and industrial requirements." Contact Us

Sheila Echeverría

Traffic Director
"She is responsible for compliance with each of the creative processes. She also performs strict quality control of our services." Contact Us

Andrea Martínez

Graphic Director
"She is the leader of the graphic design area. Her main job is to capture in digital and physical elements all of the communication brief." Contact Us

Leslie Mosquera

Account Director
"Leslie has great ability in strategic planning and for meeting with the most demanding requirements of our customers." Contact Us

Vladimir Gallegos

Creative Director
"Entrusted with creating the message and translating the idea to be conveyed to all channels of communication." Contact Us

Contact Us

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us.

South Office

Ecuador - South America

Mobile 1: +593 960185001

Mobile 2: +593 995704070


North Office

Ecuador - South America

Mobile: 593 984178078

Phone: +593 22788323


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